Kirei Knives has been on our minds for many years. Simply put, we love Japanese knives. We believe the workmanship, level of technical sophistication and artistry is unrivaled in the world. We are dedicated to sharing our growing passion with you and in a small way contribute to the culture, benefits and welfare of the skilled makers in Japan. Kirei, in Japanese, means beautiful. Is there a better word to describe something that excitingly pleases the senses and mind? A sharp knife does it for us and we think it will for you too.
We want you to be particular about knives; we want you to want the best. We want to show you the best.


We thoughtfully select which makers and brands we offer our customers, paying special attention to craftsmanship, reputation and aesthetics. We aim to carry a wide variety of well-known, recognized makers as well as lesser known blacksmiths because we understand that great products come from
passion, and not just experience. We are excited to grow and meet more makers and introduce them to you. Our goal is to have the perfect knife for everyone no matter the budget, skill level or maintenance required.



For the past decade Bobby has been a sushi chef at Nobu Los Angeles. In that time, he has gained a trove of knowledge not only on Japanese culinary techniques, but on Japanese cutlery, maintenance and purpose. He’s become the resident ‘knife guy’ happily sharpening and repairing knives for his colleagues as well as teaching the proper techniques for the ideal edge. Being obsessed with Japanese knives came with the territory when working at Nobu. Bobby would buy most of his knives online, with a couple exceptions when he went to Japan or his colleagues would go to Japan. He wanted to be able to make it easier for kitchen professionals to be able to learn and purchase Japanese knives. He always believed that purchasing knives is very intimate- it is not just a tool, but an extension of your hands. As a chef, he knows that there is very little opportunity to be outside of the kitchen. Kirei Knives strives to bridge that gap for our local colleagues by being able to bring the store to them.



Sarah has been in the hospitality industry (FOH and Ops) her entire life, from stadium F&B operations to managing restaurants. She is obsessed with food culture, especially in Los Angeles. Seeing Bobby’s passion for knives inspired Sarah to build a business where they would be able to spend more time with their 2 small children and still be able to be in restaurants. Sarah is the main administrator for Kirei Knives and is available 24/7 via social media (@kireiknives) and email (info@kireiknives.com).



Daniel is a chef at a Michelin Star restaurant during the week and a professional knife lover on the weekends. Daniel met Bobby in 2017 while working at Nobu. He said that the first time he saw Bobby demonstrate a knife slicing effortlessly through paper made him realize he knew nothing about sharpening knives. He would practice daily in hopes to recreating that razor-like feel and thanks to Bobby’s coaching over the years he has honed the craft and fell in love with it. The satisfaction of using a sharp knife is truly something special and he hopes to share this knowledge and appreciation to anyone who wants it.



We want to bring joy back into cooking.

We so look forward to meeting you.

Kirei Knives



Please email us at info@kireiknives.com or DM us on instagram for the quickest reply.

All questions and inquiries will be returned within 48 hours.