We are always available to answer your questions through email or Instagram DM. Here are the most common questions we are asked:


What is the difference between a Japanese Steel knife and a European/German Steel knife?

The technical artistry and sharpness of the Japanese hand forged blade is unrivaled in the world. Japanese knives come in a variety of bevels (double, single, wide, etc) and are specifically designed for a certain task. Due to the forging technique, Japanese steel is higher in carbon than European steel knives. The high carbon content makes the steel harder and able to retain their sharp edge longer. Because of the hardness of the Japanese steel, they are also more brittle and chip easier than their German counterparts. Also, the higher carbon content causes rusting if not taken care of properly. 


How do I care for a Japanese Knife?

We emphasize that the care of your knife will directly effect its performance and longevity of use. After using your knife, wash your knife with warm, soapy water and dry completely before storing. Even stainless steel knives will form rust spot if water is left on the blade. Do not put your knife in the dishwasher, do not let your knife sit in water for any amount of time. Japanese knives are not designed to cut through bone or frozen foods as this may cause chipping to the blade. We always recommend to sharpen your knife on a sharpening stone, no steel honing rods or electric sharpeners as this will absolutely damage your knife.


Why are Japanese knives so expensive?

A few reasons. Most of the knives we carry are made by hand and forged on a small scale. This on top of the higher quality material costs, extra labor costs and the fact that these knives are highly sought after will drive the price up. We ensure that the price of the knives we sell are agreed upon by the makers and we will not discount their hard work by offering big discounts. 


Why do knives go out of stock so often?

As mentioned above, the knives we carry and made my hand and produced on a small scale. Some knives we can restock in a few days, others take months. If there is a specific knife you are looking for, please contact us and we can give you a better timeline. 


What shipping do you use?

We do standard shipping via USPS. Orders placed by 11:59pm PST Sun-Friday will be shipped the next day. Saturday and Sunday orders will be shipped on Monday. Shipping takes about 3-5 business days, but may experience delays due to circumstances beyond our control. If you would like expedited shipping please send us an email. 


Please email us at info@kireiknives.com or DM us on instagram for the quickest reply.

All questions and inquiries will be returned within 48 hours.