Japanese kitchen knives will always require some amount of maintenance to get the best use out of them. Here are the ways you can care for them:

  • Always wash and dry your knives completely after every use. Do not put knives in the dishwasher or let it sit in water for any amount of time. Even Japanese Stainless Steel will rust if water is left on for too long. 
  • Refrain from cutting very hard objects (ie frozen foods, bones, non-food items) as this can lead to chipping and will need repairs. 
  • Cut in smooth motions, do not twist or 'pry' open with your knife as this will cause damage to your knife. 
  • Use a proper cutting surface, we recommend medium hard end-grain woods. Bamboo boards will dull your knife quickly and plastic boards may wear away too quickly with the sharp edge.
  • Sharpen your knife with sharpening stones (whetstone) and refrain from using any honing rods, electric sharpeners or pull through sharpeners. Do not let just anyone sharpen your knife, whetstone sharpening is a niche skill that not everyone has. If you need your knife sharpened or would like to learn, please contact us. 

Please email us at info@kireiknives.com or DM us on instagram for the quickest reply.

All questions and inquiries will be returned within 48 hours.