These are the local (Greater Los Angeles, Orange County) services we offer. We plan to roll this out to our customers who are not local in the coming months. Please follow our Instagram for the updated pop-up/ drop off locations.


Sharpening Services

Double Bevel knives $25

Wide Bevel/ Double Bevel knives $50

Single Bevel knives $50+

Chip Repair $10+

Broken tip repair $20+

Surface refinishing $40+

Thinning $60+


Sharpening Classes

We offer classes in groups or private, beginner or advanced. Please contact us for private classes, or look at our Instagram for scheduled classes in your area.

Sharpening classes are instructed by Bobby. In the beginner's class you will learn about the anatomy of the knife, technical terms, edge types, stone types, grits, proper angles and stone care. Upon completion you will gain the fundamental knowledge of sharpening on Japanese whetstone.

Private Classes are $100/hour. Most beginners will get a good working foundation in 2 hours. 

All students will get 10% discount on all knives and products on the day of class

Advanced sharpening class is instructed 1 on 1 and priced upon customization.

Restaurant sharpening demos $150/ hour, unlimited attendees.

Please email us at for more information, or fill out our contact page.


Private Knife Showings

We will happily bring our store to your restaurant for knife sales. We believe that kitchen professionals should feel the knives they would like to add to their kit, we know the opportunity is very limited. Please contact us to schedule a private showing.


Knife Skills Workshop (Beginner and Advanced)

Bobby and Daniel have decades of experience working in a professional kitchen and will help you (home chef or professional) take your knife skills to the next level. Beginner's class will teach the basic cuts for everyday cooking. Advanced will delve into speed, efficiency and specific purpose (i.e fish processing, deboning protein). Priced upon inquiry.


Custom Saya (wood, leather)

We make all our sayas by hand to fit the knives on our website. If you are in need of a saya and you are local (Greater Los Angeles, Orange County), please contact us to get started on making a saya that will perfectly fit your knife. 



Please email us at or DM us on instagram for the quickest reply.

All questions and inquiries will be returned within 48 hours.